Why Fresh Coffee?

Think of coffee like bread, fresh is good, old and stale is bad.

The freshness of bread is measured in days, coffee is measured in weeks.

Two weeks to be exact.

Not to point fingers, but most coffees on the shelves of your local grocery store were roasted 3-6 months ago (or longer).

Coffee tastes best within two weeks of its roast date, that’s why our coffee subscriptions are so popular.

We ship your coffee order within 24hrs of roasting, and most orders are sitting on your doorstep waiting to say hello within 48-72hrs.

We then resupply you with freshly roasted coffee every two weeks, so you always have fresh coffee in your cup.

You my friend, deserve this simple pleasure in life.


Here are a few tips to keep your coffee as fresh as possible once you open the door and let it in.

  • Coffee will degrade when exposed to sunlight, we have you covered since our coffee bags keep the beans cozy, and in the dark. Our bags are also resealable so they stay air tight.
  • Don’t freeze it. The temperature will affect the oils and cell structure of the bean, and your coffee will taste a lot like your freezer smells, and that my friend is not the goal.
  • Grind it just before you brew it. This is a big one, and the reason we only offer whole bean coffee. The minute you grind coffee it begins to oxidize and the aging process is accelerated. For best results, brew your coffee within 15 minutes of grinding.

Yep, now you’re prepared to drink the best coffee of your life!




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