Frequently Asked Questions

What beans will you be sending? Are they different every time?

By following harvest cycles from all corners of the coffee growing world, we work non-stop to hunt down the most interesting green coffees from top farmers. We perfectly roast the beans and deliver them to you at their peak.

We love coffees that are naturally sweet, well balanced, and are simply amazing to sip from your mug. We love every coffee we roast and ship, and are convinced you will too.


Is subscribing the only way to get my hands and lips on Caliente Joe?

Yep! Our every-other-week subscription is the easy way to get remarkable coffee into your morning mug. You can pause, boost, or cancel at any time. 


How does the free trail work and why do I need to pick a subscription?

Fresh beans are precious. With all the care that goes into the harvesting, shipping and roasting of every bean, we want to make sure true coffee lovers get first dibs, and a valid credit card lets us know you're serious.  

We don't want to charge you for beans if you don't like them, this is our way to let you give us a try before you buy. You can pause, boost, or cancel at any time. We think you'll love our coffee as much as we do.


When, How and Where can I get my beans?

When: We roast and ship subscriptions every Wednesday and Thursday. You can expect them on your doorstep lickedy-split (typically within 2-3 days for Continental US).

How: Shipping is included in our pricing. Orders are shipped via USPS and you'll get tracking info so you can follow your beans journey from our roaster to your doorstep.

Where: Currently we ship to the US and Canada. Other countries are coming, email us if you would like to get Caliente Joe in your country too!


Will you grind my coffee?

The minute you grind coffee it begins to oxidize and the aging process is accelerated. It's way better if you grind it just before brewing it. Even a used blade grinder from e-bay is going to be better than us grinding it for you days in advance.

Trust us, freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee is a magical combo, give it  try!

If you need some advice on the best grinder to buy, just send us an email and we'll point you in the right direction.



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